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Update to Karen's bio, as she emailed to me last night.
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<p>The <a href="/about/board/">Board of Directors</a> of the Conservancy
elects its officers.  The current officers are:</p>

<h2>Bradley M. Kuhn - President and Board Chairperson</h2>

<p>Bradley M. Kuhn began his work in the Free Software Movement as a
volunteer when, in 1992, he became an early adopter of the popular GNU/Linux
operating system, and began contributing to various Free Software projects.
He worked during the 1990s as a system administrator and software development
consultant for Westinghouse, Lucent Technologies, and numerous small
companies.  He also spent one year teaching Advanced Placement Computer
Science (using GNU/Linux and GCC) at Walnut Hills High School in Cincinnati.
In January 2000, he was hired by the Free Software Foundation (FSF), and he
served as its Executive Director from March 2001 until March 2005, when he
left FSF to join the Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC), where he worked as
SFLC's Policy Analyst and Technology Director from 2005 until October 2010,
when he joined Conservancy as its Executive Director.
Kuhn <a href="">passed
the torch as Conservancy's Executive Director to Karen Sandler in March
2014</a>, and continues on staff at Conservancy as its Distinguished
Technologist.  Kuhn holds a summa cum laude B.S. in Computer Science from
Loyola College in Maryland, and an M.S. in Computer Science from the
University of Cincinnati.  His Master's thesis discussed methods for dynamic
interoperability of Free Software languages.</p>

<h2>Mark Galassi - Vice-President</h2>

<p>Mark Galassi has been involved in the GNU project since 1984.  He
currently works as a researcher in the International, Space, and Response
division at Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he has worked on the
HETE-2 satellite, ISIS/Genie, the Raptor telescope, the Swift satellite,
and the muon tomography project.  In 1997, Mark took a couple of years off
from Los Alamos (where he was previously in the ISR division and the
Theoretical Astrophysics group) to work for Cygnus (now a part of Red Hat)
writing software and books for eCos, although he continued working on the
HETE-2 satellite (an astrophysical Gamma Ray Burst mission) part
time. Mark earned his BA in Physics at Reed College and a PhD from the
Institute for Theoretical Physics at Stony Brook. </p>

<h2>Peter Brown -  Treasurer</h2>

<p>Peter Brown has worked in non-profit management and finance for more
   than twenty years. He served as the Executive Director of the Free
   Software Foundation from 2005 until 2011, and previously as its
   Financial Controller and GPL Compliance Lab Manager. Peter has also
   been a Director of New Internationalist Publications Cooperative, and
   worked in London for BBC Network Radio.</p>

<h2>Karen Sandler - Secretary</h2>
<a id="karen"></a>

<p>Karen M. Sandler is Executive Director of Conservancy.  She was previously
  the Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation.  In partnership with the
  GNOME Foundation, Karen co-organizes the award winning Outreach Program for
  Women.  Prior to taking up this position, Karen was General Counsel of the
  Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC).  She continues to do pro bono legal work
  with SFLC, the GNOME Foundation and QuestionCopyright.Org.  Before joining
  SFLC, Karen worked as an associate in the corporate departments of Gibson,
  Dunn & Crutcher LLP in New York and Clifford Chance in New York and
  London. Karen received her law degree from Columbia Law School in 2000,
  where she was a James Kent Scholar and co-founder of the Columbia Science
  and Technology Law Review.  Karen received her bachelor’s degree in
  engineering from The Cooper Union.  She is a recipient of an O'Reilly Open
  Source Award and also co-host of the <a href="">&ldquo;Free
  as in Freedom&rdquo; podcast</a>.</p>

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