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Software Freedom Conservancy website


The canonical location for this repository is on Conservancy’s Kallithea instance.


The software included herein, such as the Python source files, are generally licensed AGPLv3-or-later. The Javascript is a hodgepodge of licensing, but all of it is compatible with AGPLv3-or-later. See the notices at the top of each Javascript file for licensing details.

The content and text (such as the HTML files) is currently CC-BY-SA-3.0.

Server configuration

Conservancy's webserver runs on a standard Debian installation. For configuration requirements, see deploy/ansible/install.yml.


Requests to any URL starting with /videos/ are forwarded to our CDN server to reduce bandwidth use. These files are uploaded to the CDN manually via the Rackspace API. Note that the Apache rewrite rule requires that the file not exist on disk for the redirect to be applied.

Local development

Python dependencies in requirements.txt are tied to the versions available in Debian:

python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt

To run the tests, install pytest-django and run pytest:

python3 -m pip install pytest-django
python3 -m pytest

Then run:

python3 migrate
python3 runserver

There is also a Dockerfile available if that's more convenient. See that file for details.


To deploy, run bin/deploy. This requires SSH access to

Link checking

To check for broken links in production, run:


Note that the Apache configuration has a significant number of aliases and redirects for historic URL changes which means that linkchecker may not run cleanly in local development.