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The canonical location for this repository is on Conservancy’s Kallithea instance. Copies of this repository elsewhere, such as Github, are for backup purposes only..


The software included herein, such as the Python source files, are generally licensed AGPLv3-or-later. The Javascript is a hodgepodge of licensing, but all of it is compatible with AGPLv3-or-later. See the notices at the top of each Javascript file for licensing details.

The content and text (such as the HTML files) is currently CC-BY-SA-3.0.

Server Configuration

conservancy's webserver runs on a machine called, which is a standard Debian installation.

The following packages are installed to make Django and Apache work on a squeeze install:

$ aptitude install python-django apache2 sqlite3 python2.5-sqlite libapache2-mod-python

Django Setup

  1. Make sure the Python module 'djangopw', with the global variable 'djangoadmin_password' is somewhere importable in the default PYTHON_PATH.