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  downloading the software and/or engaging in the process that Conservancy
  discusses above.</p>

<dt id="similarity-analysis">How do you know Christoph's code is present in
  VMware's work?</dt>

published <a href="/linux-compliance/vmware-code-similarity.html">its
comparison analysis between Christoph's code and VMware's code</a>. This
particular analysis uses a two step process: (a) use Linux's public Git logs
to find Christoph's contributions from Christoph, and (b) use a widely
accepted and heavily academically cited tool, CCFinderX, to show that VMware
copied Christoph's code into their product.</dd>

<dt id="appeal">I heard that Christoph's case was dismissed.  Is that

  <dd>There was a ruling in July 2016 in the Hamburg District Court, which
    dismissed Christoph's case against VMware.  The ruling concerned German
    evidence law and the Court did not rule on the merits of the case. The
    ruling centered around German evidentary rules related to documenting
    Christoph's contributions that appear in VMware's product.
    In <a href="">a
    statement on his website</a>, Christoph Hellwig announced that he will
    appeal the ruling. Christoph also published
    (in <a href="">German</a>
    and <a href="">English)
    the Court's ruling</a> which explains why the materials submitted did not
    satisfy German evidence rules &mdash; despite publicly available
    information in Linux's Git repositories. In addition, the Court chose not
    to seek expert testimony.</dd>
  <dt id="statements-of-support">Have others issued statements of support about this action?</dt>
  <dd>Various individuals and groups have publicly stated their support for
    Conservancy's and Hellwig's actions in this matter.  They include:
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