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<p>Below, we ask for you
  to <a href="">join us and become a
    Conservancy Support now</a>.  However, this is more than our usual annual
  fundraising appeal.  After the events of 2015, we must substantially
  increase our support now to continue the excellent work defending software
  freedom for our member projects and the entire Open Source and Free
  Software community.  We need at least [750] of you to become regular,
  annual Supporters just to continue our most basic of community services.
  We need [2500] of you to become regular, annual Supporters now to continue
  our work enforcing copyleft licenses.  If you don't become a Supporter now,
  we began plans to wind down Conservancy's operations.</p>

<h4>2015 successes</h4>

This year has brought a myriad of major successes for Software Freedom


<li>We brought four new projects under the protection of the
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