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<p>A coalition successfully enforced the GPL in this case, and Linksys
  released source code A <a href="">group of
  released source code. A <a href="">group of
    volunteers quickly built a new project, called OpenWRT</a> based on that
  source release. In the years that have followed, OpenWRT has been ported to
  almost every major wireless router product. Now, more than 15 years later,
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  cameras, police body cameras, cars, AV receivers, and televisions.</p>

<p>This wide deployment of general purpose computers into mundane household
  devices raises profound privacy and consumer rights
  devices has profound privacy and consumer rights
  implications. <a href="">Home</a> <a href="">security</a> <a href="">cameras</a> <a href="">are</a> <a href="">routinely</a> <a href="">compromised</a>
  — invading the privacy and security of individual homes. Even when
  companies succeed in keeping out third parties, consumers
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<p>“Internet of Things” firmware should never rely on one vendor — even the
  vendor of the hardware itself. This centralized approach is brittle and
  inevitably leads to invasions of the public’s privacy and control of their
  inevitably leads to invasions of the public’s privacy and loss of control of their
  technology. Conservancy plans to address this issue in the manner that the
  FOSS community knows best: put one foot in front of the other, and work to
  create FOSS for every possible task that users want to accomplish. For IoT
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<h3 id="demonstrating-the-power-of-software-freedom">Demonstrating the power
  of software freedom,</h3>
  of software freedom</h3>

<p>To many, the benefits of software freedom are abstract. For less technical
  users, the idea of modifying or even reviewing the software on their
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<p>When alternative firmware projects like OpenWRT exist for IoT devices,
  non-technical users can replace the software on their devices and benefit
  from custom, community-controled software. Technical users are more likely
  from custom, community-controlled software. Technical users are more likely
  to contribute knowing their efforts will be meaningful.</p>

<p>However, decades of corporate involvement in copyleft have demonstrated
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<p><a href="enforcement-strategy.html">Conservancy plans to select a specific
  violation and engage in litigation. Based on past experience, we expect
  violation and engage in litigation.</a> Based on past experience, we expect
  that the press and attention to that ongoing litigation will yield
  increased responsiveness by violators throughout the industry. (A similar
  outcome occurred after our litigation in 2006.) This expected change in
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  that certain aspects of FOSS projects require an experienced charity to
  initiate and jump-start some of the less exciting aspects of FOSS project
  creation and development. (In our last fiscal year, Conservancy funded 160
  contributors to work on FOSS)</p>
  contributors to work on FOSS.)</p>

<p>In the initial phase of this grant, Conservancy will to select a specific
<p>In the initial phase of this grant, Conservancy will select a specific
  class of device. Upon achieving compliant source releases in that
  subindustry through GPL enforcement, Conservancy will launch an alternative
  firmware project for that class of device.</p>
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  periods for a grassroots hobbyist activity is quite challenging; we seek to
  use this grant to bootstrap and catalyze interest and contribution to the
  project. Ideally, Conservancy would run the project with a single full-time
  staffer for a about a year, and achieve a volunteer base sufficient to
  staffer for about a year, and achieve a volunteer base sufficient to
  reduce funding to one part-time staffer.</p>

<h3 id="criteria-for-device-selection">Criteria for Device Selection</h3>