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<div id="donate-box" class="toggle-unit"><h1 class="toggle-content">Donate Now!</h1></div>

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$66,275 raised toward<br/>
our $75,000 goal.</br>
<div id="progressbar" style="height:20px;"><span style="float:right; align:center; margin-right:40%">88.4%</div>
<font style="font-size: 75%">(Progress bar updated monthly.)</font>
our $75,000 goal.<br/>
<div id="progressbar" style="height:20px;"><span style="float:right; align:center; margin-right:40%">88.4%</span></div>
<p style="font-size: 75%">(Progress bar updated monthly.)</p>
<a id="donate" style="text-decoration:none"></a>
<h3>Help us reach our goal:</h3>

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  us <a href="">in developing this software</a>.</p>
<hr width="80%"/>
<p>Conservancy has a plan to help all non-profit organizations (NPOs) by
creating an Open Source and Free Software accounting system usable by
non-technical bookkeepers, accountants, and non-profit managers.  You can
@@ -442,7 +441,6 @@ Foundation</a>, The <a href="">GNOME Foundation<
  fiscal-sponsored projects)</li>
<li>Multi-currency support and reporting</li>

<p>We will consider the first year of this project successful <em>only if all these
  functions can be performed by a bookkeeper who is generally qualified as a
@@ -604,6 +602,7 @@ Executive Director, <a href="">OpenHatch</a></p>
  an <a href="">OSI-approved license</a>.  New
  documentation that is written will be released under some license
  compatible with <a href="">CC BY-SA 3.0 USA</a>.</li>

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