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Bradley Kuhn (bkuhn) - 10 years ago 2013-05-01 12:50:18
I didn't really want a view-source in this staff link.
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@@ -593,7 +593,7 @@ served us well for many years. As we have grown, so have the complexities of
our finances.  Because of our own needs and our mission to help other
organizations — both inside and outside of the technology sphere
— run their operations on exclusively free software, we wholeheartedly
support this Conservancy initiative.</q> &mdash; <a href="view-source:">John Sullivan</a>, Executive
support this Conservancy initiative.</q> &mdash; <a href="">John Sullivan</a>, Executive
Director, <a href="">Free Software Foundation</a></p>

<p><q>Open source is a great way to solve new problems and make software that
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