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Tom Marble joins the Eval Committee.
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he co-founded Bitzi, an early open content/open data mass collaboration

<h2>Tom Marble</h2>

<p>Tom Marble is best known for being the first &ldquo;OpenJDK
Ambassador&rdquo; on the Sun Microsystems core team that open sourced the
Java programming language. He continues to apply his community experiences in
open source projects and his interest in intellectual property by
co-organizing the legal and policy issues track at Europe's largest open
conference, <a href="">FOSDEM</a>. Marble
is committed to increasing diversity in technology by volunteering as an
organizer for <a href="">ClojureBridge</a>, a
weekend workshop for women to learn the Clojure programming language, as well
as Debian's participation
in <a href="">Outreachy</a>. He is the founder of
Informatique, Inc., a consultancy which leverages his hardware, software and
legal engineering background for client projects as diverse as telematics for
electric vehicles, probabilistic model checking, autonomous cyber defense,
and multiplayer online gaming.</p>

<h2>Martin Michlmayr</h2>

<p>Martin Michlmayr has been involved in various free and open source
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