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<p>Projects sometimes need to negotiate and execute a contract with a
  company.  For example, when a project wants to organize and run a
  conference, the venue usually has a complicated contract for rental of
  the space and services.  Conservancy assists projects in the negotiation
  of such contracts, and can sign them on behalf of the project.</p>

<h2>Basic Legal Advice and Services</h2>

<p>Since projects, upon joining, become organizationally part of
  Conservancy, Conservancy can provide basic legal services to its member
  projects through Conservancy's own General Counsel, outside counsel, and
  pro-bono attorneys.  For example, Conservancy assists its projects in
  handling issues related to trademark registration, trademark policy
  development and licensing, trademark enforcement, copyright licensing
  and enforcement, and non-profit governance questions and issues.</p>

<h2>FLOSS Copyright License Enforcement</h2>

<p>Complying with FLOSS licenses is easy, as they permit and encourage
  both non-commercial and commercial distribution and improvements.
  Nevertheless, violations of FLOSS licenses (in particular of
  the <a href="">GPL</a>
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