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  out license enforcement activity on behalf of the project's copyright

<h2>Fundraising Assistance</h2>

<p>Conservancy provides various tools and advice to member projects on
  methods of raising funds for their projects' earmarked accounts.</p>

<h2>Leadership Mentoring, Advice and Guidance</h2>

<p>Many of Conservancy's <a href="/about/directors">directors</a> are
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<p>Those familiar with non-profit terminology will recognize most of these
  as <a href="">fiscal
  sponsorship services</a>.  This term is not particularly well
  known in the FLOSS community, and many are confused by that term.
  However, if you are familiar with what a fiscal sponsor typically does
  in the non-profit sector, the term does fit many of services that
  Conservancy offers its member projects.</p>

leaders that believe their project might benefit from these services can
<a href="/members/apply/">apply to become a member project</a>.</p>
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