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@@ -92,4 +92,17 @@ about digital civil rights and protecting the free software ecosystem,
having spoken at conferences such as CopyCamp Toronto, FOSSLC's
Summercamp, and the Open Video Conference.</p>

<h2 id="dimesio">Rosanne DiMesio - Technical Bookkeeper</h2>

<p>Rosanne DiMesio is the Technical Bookkeeper at the Software Freedom
Conservancy where she handles incoming and outgoing accounting
activities for all its member projects as well as financial operations
for Conservancy itself. Rosanne has been volunteering with the Wine
Project since 2008 where she focuses on user support and documentation.
She has worked as an English teacher, a freelance writer and as IT
support. She is passionate about helping free software projects improve
their user experience. Rosanne received her Masters in Communication &amp;
Theater at the University of Illinois at Chicago and her Bachelor&rsquo;s
degree in English from the University of Chicago.</p>

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