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Link to to explain CCS.
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  <dt>Why must you file a lawsuit?  Isn't there any other way to convince
    VMware to comply with GPL?</dt>

  <dd><p>Neither Conservancy nor Christoph takes this action lightly nor without
  exhausting every other possible alternative first.  This lawsuit is the
    outgrowth of years of effort to convince VMware to comply with GPL.</p>

    <p>In October 2011, Conservancy received a GPL violation report on
  BusyBox for VMware's ESXi products.  Conservancy opened the matter in its
  usual, friendly, and non-confrontational way.  Nevertheless, VMware
  immediately referred Conservancy to VMware's outside legal counsel in the
  USA, and Conservancy negotiated with VMware's legal counsel throughout
  late 2011, 2012 and 2013.  We exchanged and reviewed CCS candidates, and
  late 2011, 2012 and 2013.  We exchanged and reviewed
  <a title="Complete, Corresponding Source" href="">CCS</a> candidates, and
  admittedly, VMware made substantial and good efforts toward compliance on
  BusyBox.  However, VMware still refused to fix a few minor and one major
  compliance problem that we discovered during the process.  Namely, there
  was a major violation regarding Linux itself that ultimately became
  Christoph's key complaint in this lawsuit.</p>

 <p>Meanwhile, when Conservancy realized in late 2012 there might be a major
 Linux violation still present in VMware's ESXi products, Conservancy
 representatives sought every industry contact we had for assistance,
 including those from trade associations, companies (both competitors and
 collaborators with VMware), and everyone else we could think of who might be
 able to help us proceed with friendly negotiations that would achieve
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