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<p>Software freedom is critical to many of today’s most pressing social issues, but it is only effective when FOSS is for everyone—no matter what their background is, what technology they’re using, or whether or not a company funds their project. Software freedom is especially important for people who are already marginalized. Everyone must be able to choose software that doesn&rsquo;t spy on them, software that can be tailored to their needs and software that respects its users. Software Freedom Conservancy makes this possible by helping create more free software, promoting diversity, defending copyleft, and advocating for software freedom.</p>
<p><em>Conservancy is growing the ideological side of the free software movement. <a href="#formStart">Sign up as a Supporter today</a> and contribute to these important efforts!</em></p>
<p>We’re a creative, responsive, and resourceful organization. We work on practical and impactful solutions. We help FOSS projects grow while maintaining independence from corporate sponsors and business trade associations. We introduce people to software freedom through the lens of today’s new technology questions, and we raise and address the newest questions facing the FOSS community. We fight for users and developers alike, including <a href="/news/2019/sep/19/uspto-personal-addresses/">fighting to protect your privacy with federal agencies in the US</a>.</p>

<div class="picture right" style="clear: right;">
  <img src="/img/2018_MicroBlocks1.JPG" alt="A student developing software with MicroBlocks">
  <p>Photo by Jen Lavalle, licensed <a href="">CC BY</a></p>
<h3 id="MovementGrowth">Growth of the software freedom movement</h3>

<p>In order for free software to succeed, we must make sure our movement is inclusive to all. We need to inspire developers that are new to software freedom and new even to coding. We need non-coding contributors and learners of all ages for our software to be an effective and resilient alternative to proprietary software. We need to make sure that many perspectives are enshrined in our software design and execution. We love helping our member projects as they run conferences and outreach programs.</p>
<p>Outreachy brings people who are subject to systemic bias or underrepresented in tech into free software via paid internships. MicroBlocks is a new programming language that enables kids and lifelong learners to start building toys or tools right away. Teaching Open Source collects and advises on curricula that help college students understand open source development and its legal underpinnings. North Bay Python is a community-driven conference serving local Python developers—including beginners. The longevity of the free software movement depends on our collective ability to bring in new contributors.</p>

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