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practice in Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, New York 
and North Carolina.</p>

<h2><a href="">EIP</a> - Pro Bono Counsel, EU Trademark Law</h2>

<p>EIP is a leading Intellectual Property Law firm advising on all areas of
intellectual property.  Founded in 2000, EIP has 23 partners and more
than 130 staff practicing from its four UK offices in Bath, Cardiff,
Leeds and London, its U.S. office in San Diego, California, and its
German office in Düsseldorf.  EIP’s combination of patent, trademark and
design attorneys with specialist IP litigators is highly unusual in the
UK legal services market, and presents its clients with significant
advantages, including the ability to offer advice on all stages of IP
protection and rights enforcement, including cross-border litigation in
the UK and Germany, and prosecution in the UK and US. Attorneys and
litigators combine with in-house IP strategy and patent searching
capabilities to offer advice on the entire IP life cycle. EIP won the
Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2013, in the category of Outstanding
Achievement in recognition of having increased its overseas sales by
136% over a three year period. EIP is a Legal 500, Chambers & Partners,
and IAM Patent 1000 recommended firm.</p>

<h1>Directors Emeriti</h1>

<p><em>Directors Emeriti of the Software Freedom Conservancy are former
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