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<p>Conservancy is dedicated to encouraging all users of software to comply
  with Free Software licenses. Toward this goal, in its compliance efforts,
  Conservancy helps distributors of Free Software in a friendly spirit of
  cooperation and participation.</p>
  cooperation and participation.  In this spirit, Conservancy also sponsors
  the <a href=""><cite>Copyleft and the GNU
  General Public License:A Comprehensive Tutorial and Guide</cite></a>, in
  collaboration with the Free Software Foundation (FSF),
  which <a href="/news/2014/nov/07/copyleft-org/">Conservancy formally launch
  in fall 2014</a>.  The Guide includes tutorial materials about copyleft and
  compliance with copyleft licenses that has been developed and improved
  since 2002.</p>

<p>Those who are interested in how Conservancy handles GPL enforcement and
  compliance work should read in
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