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Matt Wilson is no longer a director.
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@@ -132,19 +132,4 @@ He is currently a maintainer of GNU gcj and works at
Red Hat.  He received a B.S. in mathematics from the
California Institute of Technology.</p>

<h2> Matthew S. Wilson</h2>

<p>Matthew S. Wilson has been using GNU/Linux since 1994. While studying
at NC State University he became involved with the GIMP and GNOME
projects.  In 1998, he participated in efforts to port Mozilla, which
Netscape just released as Open Source, to GNOME and GTK+. Matt
accepted a development position at Red Hat in 1998.  There he was
responsible for coordinating with and contributing to hundreds of Free
and Open Source projects that were distributed in Red Hat Linux.  He
represented Red Hat on the Linux Standard Base Working Group and
Standardization Authority.  Matt currently is a Founding Engineer of
<a href="">rPath, Inc.</a> At rPath, he is developing
new technology that brings independently managed software components
into fully functioning systems.</p>

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