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Bradley M. Kuhn - 2 years ago 2020-11-26 03:32:11
Supporter page: apparently, anchor as empty element wreaks havoc.

Javascript code did something weird with this, putting it back the
more obvious way.
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@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@ freedom can be in the service of human freedom.</p>
<p>We&rsquo;re proud of how much we&rsquo;ve been able to accomplish in the last year,
even in the face of so many obstacles.</p>

<a class="expander" data-expand-link-text="(Expand All Sections)"/>
<a class="expander" data-expand-link-text="(Expand All Sections)"></a>

<h3 id="StayingConnected">Staying Connected</h3>
<div data-read-more="Read more about staying connected&hellip;">
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