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<h2>Conservancy seems to be called a &ldquo;fiscal sponsor&rdquo; to its
  member projects.  Does that mean you give our project money if we join?</h2>

<p>It's true that we would love to fund our member projects if it were
  possible, because we believe they deserve to be funded.  However, that's
  not typically what a fiscal sponsor does.  The term &ldquo;fiscal
  sponsor&ldquo; is often used in non-profit settings and has a standard
  meaning there.  But, to those not familiar with non-profit operations,
  it comes across as a bit of a misnomer.</p>

<p>In this context, a fiscal sponsor is a non-profit organization that,
  rather than fund a project directly, provides the required
  infrastructure and facilitates the project's ability to raise its own
  funds.  Conservancy therefore assists your project in raising funds, and
  allows your project to hold those funds and spend them on activities
  that simultaneously advance the non-profit mission of the Conservancy
  and the FLOSS development and documentation goals of the project.</p>

<h2>What will the project leaders have to agree to if our project joins?</h2>

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