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Daniel Takamori (pono) - 15 months ago 2021-10-19 18:06:10
add back Vizio button on main page and Vizio into menu
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@@ -44,6 +44,7 @@
          <a href="/donate/" class="f5 mh1 mv1 ph2 pv1 ttu b btn-orange">Donate</a>
          <a href="/sustainer/" class="f5 mh1 mv1 ph2 pv1 ttu b btn-orange">Join</a>
          <a href="/vizio/" class="f5 mh1 mv1 ph2 pv1 ttu b btn-orange">Vizio</a>
          <span id="search-icon" class="dib ph2 pointer">
            <svg style="color: var(--orange); width: 30px; height: 30px;"><use href="{% static 'img/font_awesome.svg' %}#search"></use></svg>
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  <li class="AboutCompliance"><a href="/copyleft-compliance/">Copyleft Compliance</a></li>
  <li class="AboutCompliance"><a href="/vizio/">Vizio</a></li>
  <li class="FIXME"><a href="/projects/">Member Projects</a></li>
  <li class="Outreachy"><a href="">Outreachy</a></li>
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