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A pledge for copyright holders to take wherein they promise not to use DMCA takedown and similar provisions for at least 30 days, ala the GPLv3§8¶3
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Public Drafting Process for the DMCA Cooperation Pledge

This pledge was originally proposed by bkuhn in light of increased DMCA takedowns against FOSS projects (and relatedly, increased enforcement of USC§1201) in October and November 2020. The goal is to draft a pledge that for-profit copyright holders can take wherein they agree to wait 30 days to issue DMCA takedowns against legitimate FOSS projects (ala GPLv3§8¶3). Simply put, proprietary copyright holders should be equally reasonable as GPL copyright holders are and give FOSS projects 30 days to negotiate and discuss copyright infringement allegations before getting an de-facto injunction with the DMCA.

The license of all documents in this repository is CC0v1.0.