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Add Income:Main Org:Donations account.
; -*- ledger -*-
; -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
; Copyright © 2013, Bradley M. Kuhn.
; The copyright holders wish that this document could be placed into the
; public domain.  However, should such a public domain dedication not be
; possible, the copyright holders grant a waiver and/or license under the
; terms of CC0-1.0, as published by Creative Commons, Inc.  A copy of CC0-1.0
; can be found in the same repository as this file under the
; filename CC0-1.0.txt.  If this document has been separated from the
; repository, a [copy of CC0-1.0 can be found on Creative Commons' website at

!include config-commodities.ledger
!include config-tags.ledger
!include config-accounts.ledger