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Add source code clone URL for Frontaccouting
## Links

- [[!wikipedia Frontaccounting]] - Wikipedia
- <> - Project homepage
- Source Code Clone: hg clone frontaccounting-mercurial
   (Found only by chasing
   [Wiki]( link from homepage, which
   led to [Sourceforge page](

## Technical

- GPLv3 or later

## Preliminary evaluation

### Positive

- [Most recent release 2013-09-05](
- Themable
- Seemingly easy to deploy (Looking at their source release, structure looks similar to wordpress, for good or worse)

### Negative

- It seems to be built from scratch and not leverage any frameworks.
- Seems like a messy codebase: Table-based design. No templating, HTML is `echo`-ed to stdout.
- Uses the [deprecated]( PHP `mysql_*` functions.