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Update EvaluationTemplate to have clearer links to each UseCase

The idea is to use the evaluation template to fill out for each project
codebase evaluation we do, but have an easy link back to the use case it
refers to.

As I was making this edit, I added a few FIXMEs to things that need
clarification and/or completion.
# Non-Profit Workflow

Many accounting systems seem to assume that the workflow fits a certain type
of uses.  While the ability to impose a specific workflow (e.g., for a
bookkeeper who might make an error easily if the system doesn't require a
workflow), the  workflow should not be dictated.

## The "Unaccrued Invoice" Example
<a id="unaccrued-invoice"/>

The easiest example I have of this relates to accruing income upon invoice
generation.  Non-profits very typically generate invoices as part of a
fundraising discussion *even though* the non-profit doesn't have a good faith
belief that the invoice will be paid.  Using an invoice to convince a donor
to make a donation is, in essence, just a fundraising strategy to pressure
for them to commit to a donation that the donor has hinted they might make.

Under GAAP, these invoices should **not** be accrued nor recognized, because
the organization doesn't have a good faith belief that the income is

Many accounting systems assume that the user would never possibly generate an
invoice without realizing the income immediately.  In most for-profit setups,
this is true, but for non-profits, there is good reason to generate invoices
before accruing the income.  In fact, if you're  generating an invoice merely
to "inspire" a donation, it's wrong to accrue that, since you don't have a
good faith belief that the invoice will be paid.