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Update EvaluationTemplate to have clearer links to each UseCase

The idea is to use the evaluation template to fill out for each project
codebase evaluation we do, but have an easy link back to the use case it
refers to.

As I was making this edit, I added a few FIXMEs to things that need
clarification and/or completion.
As an US-based NPO I need a way to *generate reports* in order to:

- Send the reports to an auditor
- Forward them to organization members.

The usual reports an NPO is expected to generate, and all of these should be generatable for any given date period:

- <a id="trial-balance"/> [Trial balance](
- <a id="bank-reconciliation"/> [Bank Reconciliation Report](
    + This report often needs to be generated with input from the user, since [the subset sum problem]( is [NP-complete](, human intervention is often needed to identify the specific transactions to show on this report.
-  <a id="chart-of-accounts"/> [Chart of accounts](
-  <a id="cash-disbursements"/> Cash Disbursements Journal
- <a id="income-report"/> Income Report (just a list/sum of all Income accounts for a period)
- <a id="expenses-report"/> Expenses Report  (just a list/sum of all Expenses accounts for a period)
- [[Fund Report|UseCases/FundAccounting#FundReport]]

Also, To handle [[UseCases/FundAccounting]] all of these reports should be generatable narrowed to specific funds.