{% comment %} This partial requires these parameters: * `form_id`: The type of Supportership this form enrolls. One of "annual", "monthly", or "renewal". Note that the form substantially changes the form based on this value. If you're changing this later to add a type, you'll want to consider how to handle all those. * `min_amt`: The lowest amount of support the form will accept. This partial accepts these optional parameters: * `supptype`: Used in text to describe what type of Supporter this is. By default, it's generated from form_id. Override it for renewals. * `article`: Used in front of `form_id` when it's written in the form. Default "a". Set it to "an" when `supptype` begins with a vowel. * `verb`: Used in form text to describe the sign-up process. Default "join". Use "renew" when `form_id` is "renewal". * `default_amt`: The amount of support the form loads with. Default `min_amt`. * `partial_amt`: This form is for a donor who previously gave `partial_amt`, and is letting them contribute `min_amt` more to get up the usual Supporter amount. This is attached to the form as a data attribute. {% endcomment %} {% with supptype=supptype|default:form_id article=article|default:"a" verb=verb|default:"join" default_amt=default_amt|default:min_amt partial_amt=partial_amt|default:0 %}

{{ verb|capfirst }} as {{ article }} {{ supptype|capfirst }} Supporter

Note: {% if form_id == "annual" %} Annual Supporters do not automatically renew. If you join today, you'll receive an email to renew in about a year. {% elif form_id == "monthly" %} Monthly Supporters automatically pay each month until you cancel payments in PayPal. You'll be added to our Supporters list as soon as we process your first payment. You may not receive other benefits (like the shirt) until you've paid at least {# Six months of payments #} ${{ min_amt|add:min_amt|add:min_amt|add:min_amt|add:min_amt|add:min_amt }}. {% elif form_id == "renewal" %} This form is for annual Supporters who want to renew their support this year. If you're a new Conservancy Supporter, please select another form. {% endif %}

{% if form_id == "monthly" %}
$ {% else %}
$ {% endif %}

${{ min_amt|add:partial_amt }} is a minimum for Conservancy Supporters. Donate smaller amounts here.

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Size info: Women's, Men's

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This button will send you to PayPal's site to select a payment method and finish this process. Please double-check your selections first.

{% endwith %}