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On Oct. 19, 2021, Software Freedom Conservancy filed a lawsuit against Vizio Inc. for what it calls repeated failures to fulfill even the basic requirements of the General Public License (GPL).

The lawsuit alleges that Vizio’s TV products, built on its SmartCast system, contain software that Vizio unfairly appropriated from a community of developers who intended consumers to have very specific rights to modify, improve, share, and reinstall modified versions of the software.

Please reference this page for information about the lawsuit, including new updates about the case.

Press Release (10/19/2021): Software Freedom Conservancy files lawsuit against California TV manufacturer Vizio Inc. for GPL violations

Read the full complaint (lawsuit filed against Vizio on 10/19/2021)

Did You Know? fact sheet about the lawsuit (.pdf)

Overview about the case (.pdf)

Q & A about the case

Glossary of Terms

Resources for journalists

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