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<h1>Public Filings</h1>

<p>Like all USA non-profits, the Conservancy files an annual Form 990 and,
as a non-profit in the State of New York, files an annual CHAR-500 with
New York State.  Below, Conservancy makes available these filings for
public inspection, in reverse chronological order:</p>

<li>Fiscal Year 2009</li>
Conservancy's FY 2009 Form 990 and CHAR-500 should be available circa 2010-10-25. 

<li>Fiscal Year 2008</li>
<li><a href="/docs/conservancy-form-990-fy-2008.pdf">Federal Form 900 (PDF)</a></li>

<li><a href="/docs/conservancy-CHAR-500-fy-2008.pdf">New York State
    CHAR-500 (PDF)</a></li>
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