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Location: website/www/conservancy/apps/events/

Initial hack at a fundraising goal application.

This simple application will simply store the code name and the to goal
of each fundraiser. The so_far number will likely just be updated by
some external script, modifying the appropriate entry in the SQL
def organize_media_by_event(eventmedia_queryset):
    """Organizes event media by event.

    Given a queryset of event media, it returns a list of 'objects'
    with the following properties:

    * event (event object)
    * date (date object for most recently posted media from event)
    * media_list (a string of the available media types)

    media_by_event = {}
    for media in eventmedia_queryset:
        media_by_event.setdefault(, []).append(media)
    mbe = [{'event': x[0].event,
            'date': max(y.date_created for y in x),
            'media_list': ', '.join(set(y.get_format_display() for y in x))}
           for x in media_by_event.values()]
    mbe.sort(key=(lambda x: x['date']), reverse=True) # sort by date
    return mbe