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Location: website/www/conservancy/templates/news/pressrelease_detail.html

Blogs/news only include a single OG image/video.

For now, this gives us more assurance that other sites will choose the
preview we want.

You can control the selection by adding data-ogpreview to image, video, and
source elements. data-ogpreview=0 excludes the element from being included
in the preview. Positive numbers set the preview priority. The lowest
value found is chosen first.
{% extends "base_news.html" %}

{% block head %}
{% include "opengraph_partial.html" with url=object.get_absolute_url title=object.headline description=object.get_description %}
{% include "opengraph_urllist_partial.html" with property='image' urls=object.get_one_image_url fallback='/img/conservancy-logo.png' %}
{% include "opengraph_urllist_partial.html" with property='video' urls=object.get_one_video_url %}
{% endblock %}

{% block subtitle %}{{ object.headline|striptags|safe }} - {% endblock %}

{% block content %}

<div id="mainContent">
{% include "news/pressrelease_partial.html" with pressr=object htag="h2" only %}
{% endblock %}