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Actually implement up to 5 blogs in template.

The early change to was not sufficient; the template
obviously needs to make use of those five blog posts as well.

Note the cascading effect here. We only put lots on the front page if
they are recent.
{% extends "base_conservancy.html" %}
{% load date_within %}

{% block head %}
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{% endblock %}

{% block content %}

<div class="singleColumn">

<h1>Software Freedom Conservancy</h1>

<p>Software Freedom Conservancy is a not-for-profit charity that
  helps promote, improve, develop, and defend Free, Libre, and Open Source
  Software (FLOSS) projects.  Conservancy provides a non-profit home and
  infrastructure for FLOSS projects.  This allows FLOSS developers to
  focus on what they do best &mdash; writing and improving FLOSS for the
  general public &mdash; while Conservancy takes care of the projects' needs that
  do not relate directly to software development and documentation.</p>

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<div class="column column-small column-left">
<h2>Learn More about Conservancy</h2>
<span class="continued"><a href="/about/">An Overview of Conservancy&hellip;</a></span>
<span class="continued"><a href="/members/current/">Conservancy's current member projects&hellip;</a></span>
<span class="continued"><a href="/members/services/">Services Conservancy provides to its member projects&hellip;</a></span>
<span class="continued"><a href="/copyleft-compliance/">Conservancy's unique work  defending and upholding  copyleft licenses (e.g., the GPL) &hellip;</a></span>
<span class="continued"><a href="/npoacct/">Conservancy's Non-Profit Accounting Project &hellip;</a></span>
<h2>Support Conservancy</h2>
<p>As a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity, Conservancy relies on
  charitable donations for its operations.
  Please join {{supporters_count|safe}} others and <a href="/supporter/"><strong>become a Conservancy Supporter
  today</strong></a> and/or <a href="/donate/">donate generously</a> to help our work!
<h2>Follow Conservancy News &amp; Blogs</h2>

<p>There is a <a href="/feeds/omnibus/">full site feed available</a> (as
  well as separate feeds for the <a href="/feeds/news/">news items</a> and
  <a href="/feeds/blog/">blog posts</a>).  You can follow Conservancy
 on <a href=""></a>
 and <a href="">twitter</a>.</p>

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        <form method="post" action="">
          You can also subscribe to Conservancy's low-traffic email announce list <br/><input name="email" placeholder=""/><input type="submit" name="email-button" value="Subscribe"/>


<div class="column column-large">
{% if press_releases.0 %}
{% if press_releases.0.pub_date|date_within_past_days:60 %}
<div class="shaded">
<h2><a href="/feeds/news/" class="feedlink"><img src="/img/feed-icon-14x14.png" alt="[RSS]"/></a> <a href="/news/">Recent News</a></h2>
<p class="date">{{ press_releases.0.pub_date|date:"F j, Y" }}</p>
<h3><a href="{{ press_releases.0.get_absolute_url }}">{{ press_releases.0.headline|safe }}</a></h3>
{{ press_releases.0.summary|safe }}
{% if press_releases.0.body %}<p><span class="continued"><a href="{{ press_releases.0.get_absolute_url }}">Read More...</a></span></p>{% endif %}
{% if press_releases.1 %}
{% if press_releases.1.pub_date|date_within_past_days:30 %}
<p class="date">{{ press_releases.1.pub_date|date:"F j, Y" }}</p>
<h3><a href="{{ press_releases.1.get_absolute_url }}">{{ press_releases.1.headline|safe }}</a></h3>
{{ press_releases.1.summary|safe }}
{% if press_releases.1.body %}<p><span class="continued"><a href="{{ press_releases.1.get_absolute_url }}">Read More...</a></span></p>{% endif %}
{% endif %}
{% endif %}
{% if press_releases.2 %}
{% if press_releases.2.pub_date|date_within_past_days:25 %}
<p class="date">{{ press_releases.2.pub_date|date:"F j, Y" }}</p>
<h3><a href="{{ press_releases.2.get_absolute_url }}">{{ press_releases.2.headline|safe }}</a></h3>
{{ press_releases.2.summary|safe }}
{% if press_releases.2.body %}<p><span class="continued"><a href="{{ press_releases.2.get_absolute_url }}">Read More...</a></span></p>{% endif %}
{% endif %}
{% endif %}
{% endif %}
{% endif %}
<p><span class="continued"><a href="/news/">Conservancy News Archive&hellip;</a></span></p>
{% if blog.0.is_recent %}
<div class="shaded">
<h2><a href="/feeds/blog/" class="feedlink"><img src="/img/feed-icon-14x14.png" alt="[RSS]"/></a> <a href="/blog/">Conservancy Blog</a></h2>
<h3><a href="{{ blog.0.get_absolute_url }}">{{ blog.0.headline|safe }}</a></h3>
<p class="date">Posted by {{ }} on {{ blog.0.pub_date|date:"F j, Y" }}</p>
{{ blog.0.summary|safe }}
<p><span class="continued"><a href="{{ blog.0.get_absolute_url }}">Read More from {{ }} on this&hellip;</a></span></p>
{% if blog.1.is_recent %}
<h3><a href="{{ blog.1.get_absolute_url }}">{{ blog.1.headline|safe }}</a></h3>
<p class="date">Posted by {{ }} on {{ blog.1.pub_date|date:"F j, Y" }}</p>
{{ blog.1.summary|safe }}
<p><span class="continued"><a href="{{ blog.1.get_absolute_url }}">Read More from {{ }} on this&hellip;</a></span></p>
{% endif %}
{% if blog.2.is_recent %}
{% if blog.2.pub_date|date_within_past_days:20 %}
<h3><a href="{{ blog.2.get_absolute_url }}">{{ blog.2.headline|safe }}</a></h3>
<p class="date">Posted by {{ }} on {{ blog.2.pub_date|date:"F j, Y" }}</p>
{{ blog.1.summary|safe }}
<p><span class="continued"><a href="{{ blog.2.get_absolute_url }}">Read More from {{ }} on this&hellip;</a></span></p>
{% endif %}
{% endif %}

{% if blog.3.is_recent %}
{% if blog.3.pub_date|date_within_past_days:15 %}
<h3><a href="{{ blog.3.get_absolute_url }}">{{ blog.3.headline|safe }}</a></h3>
<p class="date">Posted by {{ }} on {{ blog.3.pub_date|date:"F j, Y" }}</p>
{{ blog.1.summary|safe }}
<p><span class="continued"><a href="{{ blog.3.get_absolute_url }}">Read More from {{ }} on this&hellip;</a></span></p>
{% endif %}
{% endif %}

{% if blog.4.is_recent %}
{% if blog.4.pub_date|date_within_past_days:10 %}
<h3><a href="{{ blog.4.get_absolute_url }}">{{ blog.4.headline|safe }}</a></h3>
<p class="date">Posted by {{ }} on {{ blog.4.pub_date|date:"F j, Y" }}</p>
{{ blog.1.summary|safe }}
<p><span class="continued"><a href="{{ blog.4.get_absolute_url }}">Read More from {{ }} on this&hellip;</a></span></p>
{% endif %}
{% endif %}

{% if blog.5.is_recent %}
{% if blog.5.pub_date|date_within_past_days:7 %}
<h3><a href="{{ blog.5.get_absolute_url }}">{{ blog.5.headline|safe }}</a></h3>
<p class="date">Posted by {{ }} on {{ blog.5.pub_date|date:"F j, Y" }}</p>
{{ blog.1.summary|safe }}
<p><span class="continued"><a href="{{ blog.5.get_absolute_url }}">Read More from {{ }} on this&hellip;</a></span></p>
{% endif %}
{% endif %}

{% endif %}
<p><span class="continued"><a href="/blog/">Conservancy Blog Archive&hellip;</a></span></p>
{% endblock %}