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{% block subtitle %}Thanks for Your Support - {% endblock %}
{% block category %}sustainer{% endblock %}

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<p>Thank you for being a Sustainer of Software Freedom Conservancy!</p>

<!-- <p>Are you at LinuxFest Northwest right now?  If so, you are now eligible to
  attend a special Sustainer-only dinner and drinks on Saturday 23 April 2016
  at 6:30PM, but space is limited!  please RSVP
  by <a href="">email to
  &lt;;</a>.  Let us know any dietary
  restrictions in your email.  We'll email back with details of where the
  event is.</p>
<p>As a Conservancy Sustainer, you'll also be eligible for future special
benefits.  We may contact you directly by email later to tell you about
special Sustainer-only benefits in the coming year.</p>

<p>Meanwhile, please spread the word about supporting Conservancy with
  a &ldquo;Sustainer Badge&rdquo; on your website, Twitter account, or
  other locations where people view information about you:</p>

<p><a href=""><img src="" width="194" height="90" alt="Become a Conservancy Sustainer!" border="0"/></a></p>

<p><strong>Copy and paste this HTML for the image above:</strong></p>
<p><textarea rows="2"
<a href=""><img src="" width="194" height="90" alt="Become a Conservancy Sustainer!" border="0"/></a>

<p>Also, please enjoy these &ldquo;Sustainer Cards&rdquo;, which you print out and
  carry with you.  You've earned it! The cards are available in two different
  styles: <a href="/img/supporter-card-1.svg">Style 1
  (SVG)</a>, <a href="/img/supporter-card-2.svg">Style 2

{% endblock %}