diff --git a/www/conservancy/templates/frontpage.html b/www/conservancy/templates/frontpage.html index 74ce5d1f11555fd2dec34616be65309f89a6734b..374deb3546b3cac527a4e45a3c09d7735b9a80cf 100644 --- a/www/conservancy/templates/frontpage.html +++ b/www/conservancy/templates/frontpage.html @@ -49,14 +49,13 @@ strategies that defend FOSS (such as copyleft).

Trump's Social Media Platform violated the Affero General Public License (of Mastodon)

Early evidence strongly supports that Trump's Group publicly launched a -so-called “test site” of their “Truth Social” -product, based on the AGPLv3'd Mastodon -software platform. When you put any site on the Internet licensed under -AGPLv3, the AGPLv3 +“test site” of their “Truth Social” product, based on +the AGPLv3'd Mastodon software +platform. When you put a site on the Internet licensed under AGPLv3, the +AGPLv3 requires that you provide (to every user) an opportunity to receive the entire Corresponding Source for the website based -on that code. We could find no evidence that someone illegally broke into the -website.

+on that code.

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