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    <div class="fundraiser-top-text">
{% if sitefundgoal.fundraiser_so_far_amount < 750 %}
{% if sitefundgoal.fundraiser_so_far_amount < sitefundgoal.fundraiser_donation_count %}
   <a href="/supporter/">needs <span id="site-fundraiser-middle-goal">{{ sitefundgoal.fundraiser_donation_count|intcomma }}</span> Supporters</a> to continue its basic community services &amp;
   <span id="site-fundraiser-final-goal">{{ sitefundgoal.fundraiser_goal_amount|intcomma }}</span> to
   avoid hibernating its enforcement efforts!
{% else %}
      <em>Conservancy will continue our basic community services, thanks to our
        first 750 Supporters! However, we still need a total of
        first <span id="site-fundraiser-middle-goal">{{ sitefundgoal.fundraiser_donation_count|intcomma }}</span> Supporters! However, we still need a total of
        <span id="site-fundraiser-final-goal">{{ sitefundgoal.fundraiser_goal_amount|intcomma }}</span> Supporters to avoid reducing licensing work and hibernating our
        enforcement efforts!
{% endif %}