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@@ -70,8 +70,7 @@ this_match_remaining: this_match_goal - this_match_so_far
        Thanks to {{ sitegoal.fundraiser_donation_count|intcomma }} Supporters we earned our full match!  Help us go further to stand up for software
        freedom &mdash; <a href="/supporter">sign up now</a>!
        {% else %}
        Let's stand up for software freedom together!
        The next ${{ this_match_remaining|floatformat:0|intcomma }} we receive from Supporters and donors will be matched!  <a href="/supporter/">Join today!</a>
        The next ${{ this_match_remaining|floatformat:0|intcomma }} of support we receive will be matched thanks to Private Internet Access and an anonymous donor!  <a href="/supporter/">Support Conservancy today!</a>
        {% endif %}
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