diff --git a/www/conservancy/static/supporter/index.html b/www/conservancy/static/supporter/index.html index 0fa72001bb4540030646cf9b8b3cbd7d43bdbd9d..b21cf435e64152e6b8d76eb642565801edd697a9 100644 --- a/www/conservancy/static/supporter/index.html +++ b/www/conservancy/static/supporter/index.html @@ -92,16 +92,16 @@ projects defend their trademarks, manage their assets, handle donations, improve their community management, manage risk and assist them with all legal needs they may have. While we do receive a portion of the revenue donated to our projects, we keep that number low enough that it doesn't -even pay for a single staff member. Help us show that you care about +even pay for a single staff member. show that you care about community-focused free software and help us be able to continue our charitable work. Donating to Conservancy is a great non-technical way to contribute to the cause.

For the first time, we're launching a Supporter -program. For an annual donation of $120, you can +program. For , you can download an official Supporter card and receive a Conservancy t-shirt[1]. If this is out of reach, please donate at whatever level you can - it makes a -big difference to us to know that you support us, and a little goes a long +big difference to us to know that you , and a little goes a long way.

In addition to supporting our projects, @@ -140,7 +140,7 @@ our href="https://gitorious.org/conservancy/policies/source/master:"> internal policies are published and available for scrutiny.


Please join our Supporter program and spread software freedom!


Please and spread software freedom!

[1] the shirts will ship First Quarter 2015.