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<h1>Current Projects</h1>

<p>Conservancy is currently home to forty-six member projects.</p>

<h2><a href="">ArgoUML</a></h2>

<img class="project-logo" src="../../img/projects/argouml.jpg" alt="" />
@@ -138,6 +136,23 @@ libraries written in the Clojure programming language. Clojars emphasizes
ease of use, publishing library packages that are simple to use with build
automation tools.</p>

<h2><a href="">Common Workflow Language</a></h2>

<img class="project-logo" src="/img/projects/CWL-Logo-nofonts.svg" alt="" />

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<p>The Common Workflow Language (CWL) is a specification for describing
analysis workflows and tools in a way that makes them portable and scalable
across a variety of software and hardware environments, from workstations to
cluster, cloud, and high performance computing (HPC) environments. CWL is
designed to meet the needs of data-intensive science, such as
bioinformatics, medical imaging, astronomy, physics, and chemistry.</p>

<h2><a href="">coreboot</a></h2>

<img class="project-logo" src="../../img/projects/coreboot.svg" alt="" />