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FLOSS projects whose applications are accepted become an actual part of the Software Freedom Conservancy - (akin to a separate department for a large agency). Once joined, the + (akin to a separate department of a large agency). Once joined, the “member project” receives most of the benefits of existing as a non-profit corporate entity without actually having to form and maintain one. Conservancy aggregates the work of running a FLOSS non-profit for its many members.


The Conservancy provides a large group of important services for its +

The Conservancy provides a many important services for its member projects. Member projects can take directed donations, which allows donors to earmark their donations for the benefit of a specific FLOSS project. Conservancy provides fiscal oversight to ensure that @@ -31,7 +31,7 @@

If the member project's leaders want, Conservancy can also hold other assets and titles on behalf of the projects, such as copyrights, - trademarks, domain names, online hosting accounts, title and ownership + trademarks, domain names, online hosting accounts, and title and ownership of physical hardware. Also at discretion of the project's leaders, Conservancy can assist in defending the rights represented in these assets. For example, Conservancy is available to assist member projects @@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ their capacity as project leaders, receive some protection from personal liability for their work on the project.


A full and detailed list of Conservancy's +

For further reading on the benefits of Conservancy, a full and detailed list of Conservancy's services for its member projects and a a list of Conservancy's current member projects are available.

@@ -52,6 +52,8 @@ study, improve and share their software. Conservancy helps protect, enable, coordinate, facilitate and defend the public's right to copy, share, modify and redistribute FLOSS both non-commercially and - commercially.

+ commercially. Finally, like most organizations devoted to FLOSS, + Conservancy opposes the notion of patents that cover software, and urges + contributors to its member projects not to apply for patents.

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