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  their kernel?</dt>

  <dd>Conservancy prepared this diagram to show the technical situation as we
    understand it.  The diagram compares the technical architecture of a full,
    running Linux kernel with a full, running VMware kernel:
    <img alt="[Diagram of Linux and VMware running kernels" src="/linux-compliance/linux-vs-vmkernel_en.png" width="519" height="392" />
      <a href="/linux-compliance/linux-vs-vmkernel_en_scaled.png">
    <img alt="[Diagram of Linux and VMware running kernels" src="/linux-compliance/linux-vs-vmkernel_en_scaled.png" width="519" height="392" /></a>

    <p>If you want to download the diagram, it's available
    in <a href="/linux-compliance/linux-vs-vmkernel_en.svg">SVG
    (English)</a>, <a href="/linux-compliance/linux-vs-vmkernel_en.png">PNG
    (English)</a>, <a href="/linux-compliance/linux-vs-vmkernel_de.svg">SVG