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@@ -56,13 +56,23 @@ license, <a href="">the
GPLv2</a>. These copyright holders have formally asked Conservancy to engage
in compliance efforts for their copyrights in the Linux kernel.  In addition,
some developers have directly assigned their copyrights on Linux to Conservancy,
so Conservancy also enforces the GPL on Linux via its own copyrights in Linux.</p>

<p>Linux copyright holders who wish to assign copyright to or sign an enforcement agreement with
Conservancy should contact <a href="">&lt;;</a>.</p>
Conservancy should
  contact <a href="">&lt;;</a>.
  In 2016,
  Conservancy <a href="/news/2016/nov/03/linux-compliance-agreements/">made
    public the template agreements used as part of this project</a>; both the
  <a href="/docs/blank_linux-enforcement-agreement.pdf">non-anonymous</a> and
  <a href="/docs/blank_anonymous-linux-enforcement-agreement.pdf">anonymous</a>
  versions are available.  However, please <strong>do not</strong> sign these
  unilaterally without contacting and discussing
  with <a href="">&lt;;</a>


<h2>The Debian Copyright Aggregation Project</h2>

<p>In August 2015, <a href="/news/2015/aug/17/debian/">Conservancy announced the Debian Copyright Aggregation
Project</a>.  This project allows Debian contributors to assign copyrights to