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Denver Gingerich - FLOSS License Compliance Engineer

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+Denver works part-time managing the technical side of Conservancy's +license compliance work, triaging new reports and verifying complete and +corresponding source (C&CS). His roles elsewhere have recently +included financial trading software development on GNU/Linux and +previously involved writing system software for hardware companies, +including driver writing for the kernel named Linux at ATI (now AMD) and +Qualcomm. He started a company that designs and builds magnetic stripe +readers for security hobbiests where he designed the hardware and +developed the device's tools and firmware, which are both free software. +Denver also writes free software in his spare time, with patches accepted +into Wine, the kernel named Linux, and GNU wdiff. Denver received his +BMath in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo. He gives talks +about digital civil rights and protecting the free software ecosystem, +having spoken at conferences such as CopyCamp Toronto, FOSSLC's +Summercamp, and the Open Video Conference.