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Conservancy is currently supported without paid staff.


Bradley M. Kuhn - Executive Director

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Bradley M. Kuhn began his work in the Free Software Movement as a +volunteer when, in 1992, he became an early adopter of the popular +GNU/Linux operating system, and began contributing to various Free +Software projects. He worked during the 1990s as a system administrator +and software development consultant for Westinghouse, Lucent Technologies, +and numerous small companies. He also spent one year teaching Advanced +Placement Computer Science (using GNU/Linux and GCC) at Walnut Hills High +School in Cincinnati. In January 2000, he was hired by the Free Software +Foundation (FSF), and he served as its Executive Director from March 2001 +until March 2005, when he left FSF to join the Software Freedom Law Center +(SFLC), where worked as SFLC's Policy Analyst and Technology Director from +2005 until October 2010, when he joined Conservancy as its Executive +Director. Kuhn holds a summa cum laude B.S. in Computer Science from +Loyola College in Maryland, and an M.S. in Computer Science from the +University of Cincinnati. His Master's thesis discussed methods for +dynamic interoperability of Free Software languages.

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