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<h2>Bradley M. Kuhn - Executive Director</h2>
<h2>Karen Sandler - Executive Director</h2>
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<p>Karen M. Sandler is was the Executive Director of the GNOME Foundation
  from June 2011 through March 2014.  Prior to taking up this position was
  General Counsel of the Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC). Karen continues
  to do pro bono legal work with SFLC, and Question Copyright and serves as an officer of
  both the Conservancy and SFLC.  Before joining SFLC, Karen worked as an
  associate in the corporate departments of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP in
  New York and Clifford Chance in New York and London. Karen received her law
  degree from Columbia Law School in 2000, where she was a James Kent Scholar
  and co-founder of the Columbia Science and Technology Law Review. Karen
  received her bachelor’s degree in engineering from The Cooper Union. She is
  a recipient of an O'Reilly Open Source Award and also co-host of
  the <a href="">&ldquo;Free as in Freedom&rdquo;

<h2>Bradley M. Kuhn - President and Distinguished Technologist</h2>
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<p>Bradley M. Kuhn began his work in the Free Software Movement as a
volunteer when, in 1992, he became an early adopter of the popular