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Tony Sebro - General Counsel

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Tony Sebro is a seasoned technology attorney with a broad base of +business and legal experience relating to technology, strategy, and +business development. Before joining Conservancy, Tony was most recently +a Partner with the PCT Companies, a family of professional service firms. +Prior to that, he was Program Director, Technology & Intellectual +Property at IBM's Armonk, New York world headquarters, where he was +responsible for developing and executing licensing strategies in +partnership with IBM's Software Group. In that role, Tony led +negotiations and structured deals with market leaders in the web +technology, e-commerce, retail, enterprise software, and financial +services sectors. Tony also led various internal strategic initiatives, +including an effort to provide business leaders of key emerging market +opportunities with coordinated intellectual property development and +monetization strategies, as well as the revamping and supervision of IBM's +corporate-wide process for determining the value and availability of +patents for sale. Prior to his tenure at IBM, Mr. Sebro practiced law in +the New York office of Kenyon & Kenyon, LLP, handling litigation and +licensing matters for clients in the medical, pharmaceutical and +mechanical technology areas. Tony received his J.D. and his M.B.A. from +the University of Michigan. He received his B.S. from the Massachusetts +Institute of Technology. Tony is a member of the New York bar and +registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Tony +is also an active participant in and supporter of the non-profit +community, and has served on the boards of multiple non-profit +organizations.

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