diff --git a/www/conservancy/static/about/staff/index.html b/www/conservancy/static/about/staff/index.html index 68f2d8ba8a1c5370972a644cc11093ecf920b4a0..4c580a5ac92232b81e5223c1f187530acfd13fc6 100644 --- a/www/conservancy/static/about/staff/index.html +++ b/www/conservancy/static/about/staff/index.html @@ -79,6 +79,20 @@ is also an active participant in and supporter of the non-profit community, and has served on the boards of multiple non-profit organizations.


Brett Smith - Director of Strategic Initiatives

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Brett Smith began his FLOSS advocacy in 2000 at college, organizing +student groups and discussing the issues with professors and journalists. He +also spent a couple of those summers interning at the Free Software +Foundation, and working in various assisting roles there when he returned to +campus. Later on he worked as the FSF's License Compliance Engineer from +2006-2012, helping to shepherd the GPLv3 drafting process and do outreach +after the license was released. From there, he worked as a Systems Engineer +at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and +an Arvados maintainer at Curoverse before +joining Conservancy as Director of Strategic Initiatives in 2016. He holds a +BS in Computer Science from the University of Kentucky.


Denver Gingerich - FLOSS License Compliance Engineer