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<h2>Karen M. Sandler - Executive Director</h2>
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<h2 id="karen">Karen M. Sandler - Executive Director</h2>

<p>Karen M. Sandler is the executive director of Conservancy. Karen is known
as a cyborg lawyer for her advocacy for free software, particularly in
@@ -23,8 +22,7 @@ was a James Kent Scholar and co-founder of the Columbia Science and
Technology Law Review. Karen received her bachelor’s degree in engineering
from The Cooper Union.</p>

<h2>Bradley M. Kuhn - President and Distinguished Technologist</h2>
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<h2 id="bkuhn">Bradley M. Kuhn - President and Distinguished Technologist</h2>
<p><a href="">Bradley M. Kuhn</a> is the President and
Distinguished Technologist at Software
Freedom Conservancy and on the Board of Directors of the <a
@@ -52,8 +50,7 @@ href="">O'Reilly
Open Source Award in 2012</a>, in recognition for his lifelong policy work on
copyleft licensing.</p>

<h2>Tony Sebro - General Counsel</h2>
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<h2 id="tony">Tony Sebro - General Counsel</h2>
<p>Tony Sebro is a seasoned technology attorney with a broad base of
business and legal experience relating to technology, strategy, and
business development.  Before joining Conservancy, Tony was most recently
@@ -80,8 +77,7 @@ is also an active participant in and supporter of the non-profit
community, and has served on the boards of multiple non-profit

<h2>Brett Smith - Director of Strategic Initiatives</h2>
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<h2 id="brett">Brett Smith - Director of Strategic Initiatives</h2>
<p>Brett Smith began his FLOSS advocacy in 2000 at college, organizing
student groups and discussing the issues with professors and journalists.  He
also spent a couple of those summers interning at the Free Software
@@ -94,8 +90,7 @@ an <a href="">Arvados</a> maintainer at Curoverse before
joining Conservancy as Director of Strategic Initiatives in 2016.  He holds a
BS in Computer Science from the University of Kentucky.</p>

<h2>Denver Gingerich - FLOSS License Compliance Engineer</h2>
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<h2 id="denver">Denver Gingerich - FLOSS License Compliance Engineer</h2>

Denver works part-time managing the technical side of Conservancy's