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Directors Emeriti



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Paul Visscher - Compliance Engineering & System Administration Contractor

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Paul Visscher was first exposed to the Free Software Movement in late -1997. Paul has been a professional system administrator for most of his -adult life, focusing primarily on GNU/Linux based systems. He began -contracting with the Software Freedom Law Center on Compliance Engineering -in December 2009 and continued his Compliance Engineering work with the -Conservancy beginning in October 2010. He is actively involved in his -local GNU/Linux user group, as well various local programming groups. He -is a former Chief Webmaster and a former volunteer system administrator -for the GNU project.

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Directors Emeritus

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Directors Emeritus of the Software Freedom Conservancy are former +

Directors Emeriti of the Software Freedom Conservancy are former members of Conservancy's Board of Directors who continue to support Conservancy's mission and occasionally advise Conservancy.