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@@ -84,4 +84,30 @@ local GNU/Linux user group, as well various local programming groups.  He
is a former Chief Webmaster and a former volunteer system administrator
for the GNU project.</p>

<h1>Directors Emeritus</h1>

<p><em>Directors Emeritus of the Software Freedom Conservancy are former
    members of Conservancy's <a href="/about/board/">Board of
    Directors</a> who continue to support Conservancy's mission and
    occasionally advise Conservancy.</em</p>


<h2>Ian Lance Taylor - Director Emeritus</h2>

<p>Ian Lance Taylor began working with free software in 1990.  He wrote
the popular free Taylor UUCP package and has contributed to a wide range
of free software projects, particularly the GNU compiler and binary
utilities.  He worked with free software at Cygnus Solutions, Zembu Labs,
Wasabi Systems, and C2 Microsystems, and currently does GNU compiler and
tools development at Google.  He received a B.S. in Computer Science from
Yale University.</p>

<h2>Tom Tromey - Director Emeritus</h2>

<p>Tom Tromey started working on free software in 1991.  He was the
primary author of GNU Automake, and has also worked on a wide range of
other free software projects.  He is currently a maintainer of GNU gcj and
works at Red Hat.  He received a B.S. in mathematics from the California
Institute of Technology.</p>

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