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  convenient to intermix the document with code.</p>

<p>Conservancy's Logo is also licensed
  under <a href="">CC-By-SA-3.0
  Unported</a>.  A <a href="/img/conservancy-logo_7000x6960.png">high
  quality PNG</a> and an <a href="/img/conservancy-logo.svg">SVG</a>
  version are available.  We would like to
  thank <a href="">Fabian A. Scherschel</a>, who
  designed the Conservancy logo.</p>
  under <a href="">CC-By-SA-3.0
  USA</a>.  A <a href="/img/">Conservancy
  logo package in ZIP format is available, which includes high quality SVG,
  PNG and other formats</a>.</p>

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