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@@ -17,9 +17,8 @@ public inspection, in reverse chronological order:</p>
  for FY 2011 Form 990 and CHAR 500 was 2012-07-16, but Conservancy was
  granted an extension to file until 2013-01-15.  Specifically,
  The <a href="{29B7D0B8-0C86-4F99-A910-E30D59E4DCF7}&orgid=40-39-09&title=Extension&project=Charities">IRS
  and NYS granted</a>
  <a href="{2E621422-4DBA-4FC9-9BD1-5633ADD1F3A4}&orgid=40-39-09&title=Extension&project=Charities">Conservancy's
  application</a> three-month filing extension until 2012-10-15, and, on
  and NYS granted</a> Conservancy's
  <a href="{2E621422-4DBA-4FC9-9BD1-5633ADD1F3A4}&orgid=40-39-09&title=Extension&project=Charities">application</a> three-month filing extension until 2012-10-15, and, on
  2012-09-25, the IRS additionally granted a second three-month filing
  extension.  Conservancy hopes, however, to file its FY 2011 Form 990
  before the end of CY 2012.</p>