diff --git a/www/conservancy/static/about/eval-committee/index.html b/www/conservancy/static/about/eval-committee/index.html index 2de9e63dc9a29a62e27b0f309c66c857eafcf8fc..dfdb9cd82d9416181f234fc795334759d5a0a1df 100644 --- a/www/conservancy/static/about/eval-committee/index.html +++ b/www/conservancy/static/about/eval-committee/index.html @@ -42,6 +42,25 @@ best not to make too big of a fool of himself.

When not working, Tom enjoys geocaching, ice hockey, gaming, science fiction, and pinball.


Karl Fogel

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Karl Fogel is an open source developer, author, and copyright reform +activist. He is a partner at Open +Tech Strategies which provides strategic consulting for collaborative +open technology ventures. He is also the founder and executive director +of QuestionCopyright.org. After +working on CVS and writing Open Source Development With CVS (Coriolis, 1999), +he went to CollabNet, Inc as a founding developer in the Subversion +project. Based on his experiences there, he +wrote Producing Open Source Software: How +to Run a Successful Free Software Project (O'Reilly, 2005), which is a +highly-cited resource in the open source community. After a brief stint as an +Open Source Specialist at Google in 2006, he left to found +QuestionCopyright.org. In addition to QuestionCopyright.org, he also serves +as Open Civics Development Specialist at Civic Commons and sat on the board +of the Open Source Initiative. Fogel now serves as the chairperson of the +Evaluations Committee.


Mark Galassi

Mark Galassi has been involved in the GNU project since 1984. He